Grossmont blows past Arabs

October 25, 2001|By ERIC GALVAN, Sports Writer

During practice the Imperial Valley College volleyball team seems to be as good as any team around.

The passing's almost perfect, serves are consistent and everything clicks.

But when game time rolls around, all that hard work and preparation seems to disappear.

Such was the case Wednesday night at IVC as the Arabs were swept 3-0 by Grossmont in Pacific Coast Conference play.

"If only we could play these teams during practice. Because we work so hard and do so well in practice," said IVC coach Jill Tucker. "We have some things working against us, like we have some players with the flu, but we have these athletes that just need to overcome all that and suck it up."

The Arabs fell 30-15, 30-14 and 24-30.

Early in the third it seemed IVC was ready to turn the match around. A 5-1 lead turned into a tight 9-7 lead, but it was a lead nonetheless.


That lead soon disappeared as the Griffins jumped back in the driver's seat and rode to the victory.

Said Grossmont coach Missy Ross: "I was pleased with our team's execution. I wasn't happy with our missed serves, but just our overall execution was really good."

Grossmont's reputation as being a PCC powerhouse may have had something to do with the win. After defeating IVC it has a 6-0 record.

"Their past record and what they've done so far this kind of did play a part. It shouldn't, but it did," said IVC's Beni Garcia, who finished with five kills.

But Garcia feels that wasn't the only thing that made a difference.

"You know, it was just like a domino effect out there. If one person goes down, everyone follows," Garcia said. "But that's the same when we do something good."

Unfortunately for the Arabs there wasn't much good going on. The top service point leader was Yvette Rodriguez finishing with three to go along with 15 assists. A few other bright spots for IVC were Marquita Travis with seven blocks and five kills, Jello Moore with five kills and two blocks and Monique Medina with five digs.

Despite the below-average performance, Tucker feels the first round of PCC, which the Arabs went 0-5, will have to be put behind them.

"Now we've seen what everybody has. So we're going to start the second round with a new attitude and just get refocused."

IVC (8-8 overall) will begin the second round of PCC play at 5:30 p.m. Friday as it hosts Southwestern.

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