Voice: Calexico Noontimers' Lions say let freedom and pride reign

October 27, 2001

The members of the Calexico Noontimers' Lions Club gives our condolences to the family and friends of the victims of the World Trade Center and our nation's Pentagon.

We grieve for the loss of the innocent passengers of the four doomed hijacked commercial jumbo jetliners. We share the anxiety of parents and relatives of active and inactive military personnel that likely will be directed to respond to this cowardly act of war.

Our praises go out to the rescuers and medical staff at the scene.

In this tragedy, heroism and courage has become the norm. Our prayers go out to our president and his staff in this time of need for clear leadership.

While the twin towers of the World Trade Center have gone down, the solidarity of the citizens of this glorious nation remains steadfast. The greatness of this country comes not from the beauty of its buildings and landscapes but from the citizens themselves.


From New York City to the streets of Imperial County, people search for a means to help. We donate blood, food and money. This heinous act designed to create terror has instead united our country against terrorists.

The road ahead will undoubtedly be difficult. For the moment, let us mourn the loss of innocence. Let each residence in Imperial County proudly fly our flag. Let our united voices be heard in harmony singing "God Bless America." Let us light candles for our loss ones. And above all, let us not ever lose the spirit of Americans resolved to let freedom reign in America.


Calexico Noontimers'

Lions Club

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