PROBE: October 29, 2001

October 29, 2001

PRODIGAL RETURNED — Thank you for helping me get my dog, Sparkles, back. I put it down to the power of PROBE. After it came out in the paper, I got almost a dozen phone calls from people with tips on where she might be.

Then one evening, a car drove up and a little girl got out with Sparkles. I planned to offer a reward but she said she didn't want anything, went back to the car and left.

I don't know who was happier — me, the dog or the neighbors. It was like the prodigal child returned. Sparkles was in good shape except for being dirty. So it was first the reunion and then the bath. — Reunited, El Centro

Give our regards to Sparkles. Here's another dog story with a less happy ending.

HIT AND RUN — The driver who hit a part pit bull puppy and fled the scene is worse than a terrorist. Fifteen children saw you hit the puppy on the corner of Sixth Street and Olive Avenue. They watched as you stopped and then drove away, leaving the puppy suffering.


The kids were still there when I came by. We put the dog in a box but that's all we could do for him.

They didn't get your license number because it all happened so fast. But they got a good look at your car and you. I would suggest you find another way to work. It's a crime to hit a dog and leave the scene. The kids will be watching for you. Such brave children … not a tear among them. — Dog Lover, El Centro

We wouldn't say the hit and run driver is worse than a terrorist. We doubt if he meant to hit the puppy — and he did stop, if only briefly.

Maybe he couldn't stand looking at the dying puppy under the withering gaze of 15 pairs of accusing eyes of children.

The upside is that the children learned that some things are too painful for tears.

QUESTION: I am a big sports fan. I enjoy watching sports and betting on sports. I know other people in the Valley who like to lay down a bet on a game from time to time. Why doesn't your newspaper publish the Glantz-Culver or Caliente betting line? I have to buy an out-of-town newspaper to get that information. It would be nice if my local paper delivered it. — Valley Gambler, El Centro

Sports Writer Eric Galvan promised to take up the matter with the "higher-ups" here. Everybody is higher up than Galvan. We'll get back to you.

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