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Voice: IID is unique in its service

don't change that no matter what study says

October 30, 2001

We all dislike what has occurred to the World Trade Center. Many of us have never visited the twin buildings. Most photographs of New York would show the World Trade Center. Like two twin giants, they always stood out.

The twin towers were an institution that was unique to New York. We accepted the notion that they would last forever, but our enemies took our pride away from us. Now that they are gone, we miss them. Our lives will never be the same because one of our greatest institutions has been taken away from us.

Locally, we have our own institutions that distinguish us from other communities and gives us a better quality of life. One is the Imperial Irrigation District. But it is an institution we need to protect from those who wish to destroy it.

The Imperial Irrigation District offers some of the lowest electric rates in California. People from San Diego would love for IID to provide them with electricity.


Stone and Webster conducted the study of IID for $1 million. I believe most of the projected savings are overexaggerated and the savings won't be as high as promised by some IID directors.

To justify their expense, Stone and Webster have to uncover every imaginable form of savings without regard to the welfare of the employees or the community. It's akin to telling each individual they could save money by sleeping in tents and riding bicycles instead of living in homes and driving cars; in essence, reducing your quality of life.

What they have told IID directors is IID has a monopoly. Thereby, there is no reason to treat their customers well.

Treat them as insignificant by closing all the IID offices, leaving one office open in El Centro A person from Calexico would have to travel to El Centro to pay a bill and stand in a line similar to those found at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Only the electric customers will be directed to one office. The farmers will still have their separate IID offices open and will continue to receive good service. But as for the rest of us, the directors view us as unimportant and want to reduce our service to the same level as Pacific Bell. The IID directors need to be reminded they work for us. IID makes the Valley unique. It is worth preserving.



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