Probe: October 31, 2001

October 31, 2001

QUESTION: On television I heard a family expert say teens rebel because they want to shock their parents. I would like to shock my parents but I don't think anything shocks them. They grew up in the 1960s. They did everything. They know all the dirty words. What do today's teen-agers do to show they belong to the young generation, not old fogies like their parents? — Growing Up, El Centro

If you don't run your parents through the wringer, there is no justice. During our parenting years, we often retreated pressing a cold cloth to our brow, muttering, "When you have kids, you will get yours!"

Not only did the Boomers run through the street with dirty feet, they wore their hair long and unwashed, shut down public streets and used ugly words. Their sins were captured for posterity by television news teams. You can see it all on the History Channel.


You see those bald-headed kids running around? That's just a ruse to bug their long-haired parents. See those rings in tongues, lips, navels, pink hair, tattoos on their biceps? Just another ruse to get a rise out of mom and dad.

But your parents are hip. They know the score.

You know what they hated? Nerds, those kids who did their homework, kept their rooms neat, washed their faces and trimmed their nails. Try it. It will drive your parents crazy!

QUESTION: I am a single father trying to get help for my son. I can't get an answer about my case. I call my social worker and get no response. This county has a problem with single fathers. We are outnumbered. Is there a club or help for single fathers? I know other single fathers who feel the same way I feel about the Department of Social Services. — Mad Single Dad, El Centro

The only thing we really know about your problem is you are a single parent and would like to talk to other men in the same boat. We don't know of any clubs or support groups for single men. If there are any around, maybe our readers will let us know.

Since you mentioned the Department of Social Services, we're guessing you have a welfare problem. Tell us more and maybe we can help. Call us on our PROBE line at 337-3448. Leave your phone number on our voice mail and we'll call you.

You're right that more women than men have custody of the children. And women are better organized than men.

But men have the same right as women to help. If you are unemployed, you can get a welfare check. Like women, you will have to sign up for the CalWORKs program designed to get you off welfare and into a paying job, according to Jim Semmes, director of the county Department of Social Services.

GASOLINE SURVEY — This is your roving gasoline price reporter. I am in Blythe again at the ARCO station. Regular unleaded is selling for $1.45 a gallon. That's about the same as the price in Yuma. — Filled Up, Brawley

We're getting ripped off! But we knew that, didn't we? The last time we filled up we paid $1.67. But we're not complaining. That's better than the $2 we paid a few months ago. By the time we need gas again, maybe the Holtville price will be down to the Blythe price.

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