Voice: ‘Inaccurate reporting' on IID facility naming should be addressed

November 01, 2001

I am infuriated with the article written by Rudy Yniguez on Oct. 23 regarding the name of Imperial Irrigation District facilities without consideration of others who are more deserving.

The inaccurate reporting by Mr. Yniguez leaves a lot to be desired. Case in point is that I never suggested any project being named after my father. The point I made was that my father worked for IID for 27 years starting in the early 1940s, when all they had was a pick and shovel.

I made the comparison that putting his name next to that of Mr. Cox regarding hard work, my dad would take him hands down. I also said if my father's name was proposed for the naming of an IID facility in his honor, I would be the first to voice an opposition for the simple reason that there are others more deserving.

An IID employee was buried alive while digging a trench, another lost his life when he was working on a pole fixing a high power line. There are a lot of Valley residents who made the ultimate sacrifice during the wars.


There are also a few living heroes. One was a pilot of a B-17 Flying Fortress with 34 missions over Europe. Another had his airplane turret hit and fell through the open bomb bay, his boot catching on the open bomb bay door for what seemed to be an eternity, (He made the world news in "Believe It or Not!"). Another fought for every inch of real estate of Iwo Jima.

One person I would suggest is Mr. Fernando Sanga. Although he was not a hero or a veteran, he was a great human being who helped many of us in the time of need without any hesitation. He spent thousands of dollars helping the elderly with rent and power bills when they were in need. I can not honestly think of any director, past or present, more deserving then Mr. Sanga.

Not knowing Mr. Cox personally, I would like to see him decline this offer simply because one particular director wants to be re-elected and this is a way to obtain votes.

Mr. Don Cox, show us you are a man of principles and high morals. Do not let your name be used by one director who is desperate for votes.

As for Rudy Yniguez, as a reporter he has the obligation of being more accurate. I would also suggest closer scrutiny as to what he writes. A retraction in the back pages is not in the best interest of the residents of Imperial County. Perhaps Mr. Yniguez needs to review the tapes of the meetings prior to presenting his stories for print.


El Centro

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