November 01, 2001

court could resemble family reunion

By DORA DEPAOLI, Staff Writer

HOLTVILLE — It has often been said that half of Holtville is related. This is certainly true with the current homecoming court.

For probably the first time in school history three of the queen and princess candidates are first cousins.

The girls are Shelly Strahm and Katie Strahm, queen candidates, and Melissa Strahm, a junior princess aspirant. Their fathers are brothers.

The girls also are distant relatives of James Hawk, a junior prince candidate. Broc Kennedy, a king hopeful, is a first cousin of Shelly.


Holtville High School will celebrate homecoming Friday night at halftime during its football game with Mountain Empire.

Esther Strahm, grandmother of the three Strahm girls, said she is proud of all of them.

Shelly, 17, a senior, is the daughter of Rodney and Maureen Strahm. Katie, 17, also a senior, is the daughter of Mike and Margaret Strahm, and Melissa, 16, a junior, is the daughter of Cliff and Frances Strahm. The Strahm brothers and two of their wives graduated from Holtville High.

The other queen candidate is Oralia Larios, 17, a senior. She is the daughter of Ismael and Virginia Larios. Jessell Guerrero, 16, a junior princess candidate, is the daughter of Jesse and Norma Guerrero.

The king candidates, all seniors, are Edel Lopez, 17, the son of Tony and Alma Lopez; Broc Kennedy, 17, the son of Todd and Shelly Kennedy, and Ignacio Villaseñor, 17, the son of Ignacio and Maria Villaseñor.

Junior class prince candidate Adrian Larios, 16, is the son of Baltazar and Josie Larios, and James Hawk, 17, is the son of John and Susie Hawk.

The junior class is putting on a tri-tip dinner before the game starts at 7 p.m. Other homecoming activities include a short parade around the high school.

Several classes have built floats for the event, according to Margie Stacey, Holtville High activities director.

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