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Voice: New Housing Authority directors looking like more Romo puppets

November 01, 2001

The following is in reference to a comment made by Roberto Morales, new Calexico Housing Authority commissioner. His comment to the Adelante newspaper was the "residents of the authority deserve the best treament possible."

If this is true, can you tell us why did you tell the representatives of the Calexico resident council that they had no right to speak or make their comments verbally or in writing?

If this is going to be the example you give to both the director and the staff of the authority, how can you expect them to give us, the residents, better treatment?

What happened to your education, knowledge and experience in dealing with other commissioners. The Constitution of the United States grants us freedom of speech. Perhaps it was written after you had finished school and you were not familiar with the rights of the citizens of our nation.


The saddest thing is that Mr. Santillan shares your same feeling, since he also spoke on your behalf and questioned the representatives and told them that they had no right to communicate with the mayor of the city of Calexico.

What happened to you, Mr. Santillan? Aren't you the one who is always fighting for the rights of those who have been oppressed, and stepped on? We ask ourselves what is it with this commission? Is there a special magic that changes people's principles and convictions the minute they sit on that magic chair. What happened to those who have been preaching that they are here for the betterment of the residents and had no special hidden agendas?

How can either commissioner state that they will be using their experience and knowledge for the betterment of the residents of our community when they haven't even bothered to speak to any of the residents and ask them how they really feel and what are their needs or concerns?

We thought that the days of bad treatment and harassment by the executive director were over, but now we see that they will continue. Once again we can see that Mr. Romo's Puppeteer Club has new members who have just joined the club.

We thank "God," Mayor Victor Carrillo and the rest of the Calexico City Council, for putting Mr. Jesus Solano, Manuel Ayala, Irene Hueso-Mora and Adriana Esparza in our path because they have opened their eyes and listened to our problems and concerns. They have personally witnessed all the injustices by the present executive director and her administration.

In all of them we have placed our trust that they will do whatever they can do to correct the present situation of this authority.



Casas del Sol


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