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Voice: Johnson's prejudices keeping Brawley from hiring qualified ‘home boy' for chief

November 03, 2001

Congratulations on your editorial of Oct. 18, in which you point out with great accuracy the main stumbling block in choosing a police chief for the city of Brawley: Mayor Wayne Johnson.

As a Brawley resident, I can tell you that either Lt. Graham or Kuhn would make a great police chief. They are both honorable men with the best interest of the city at heart. Brawley would be proud with either one. The problem is the current mayor does not like either one of them because of his past relationship when he was a police officer with the city. Now, unfortunately, he is in a position to do something about it.

The city could issue a promotional exam and select an internal candidate. The selection panel could be made up of high- ranking local police enforcement officers who would review the applications and interview the top finalists. They would then make recommendations to the entire City Council for final selection.


As I understand it, the mayor does not want an internal candidate, so this option is not being used. The other option is to advertise outside the city and go through a similar selection process. Both local candidates would then compete with the outside candidates. The local candidates would have an advantage in that they know the internal workings of the city police system.

In my opinion, either option could be used as long as the initial application review and interview process are handled by an outside panel with some representation from the city. The mayor with his past derogatory remarks and your editorial would be wise to keep out of the process.

Let's hope, like your editorial says, that the job goes to a home boy.



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