Voice: Hernandez is back but a reader wonders why

November 03, 2001

"Seeking to continue his service to the public, El Centro resident John Hernandez, is running for the Division 1 seat on the Imperial Irrigation District Board of Directors," reads the Oct. 23 edition of I.V. Press.

"I'm rejuvenated and I'm back," he was quoted as saying.

John Hernandez, you are back to do what? Walk out on concerned citizens during their public speaking session as you did manifold times while a school board trustee for Central Union High School District?

Are you back to bang your gavel and threaten to call the police when Hispanic mothers accuse you — and with compelling evidence — of being incompetent and a dangerous threat to constitutionally protected rights of due process, free speech, the freedom of peaceable assembly and the right to petition of redress?

Are you back to suppress presentations of private videotapes of taxpayer-supported activities by threatening to terminate closed sessions — patronizingly congratulate and shake the hand of mother and her son absent the presence of the father — and terminate closed session meetings without allowing rebuttal arguments? Does your pea-sized brain remember this misconduct by you toward us?


You are, as this newspaper wrote in an editorial piece, "uncommonly rude to some people." Your claim of being "rejuvenated," is a terribly scary and sickening thought: seeing you on the IID Board of Directors!

Your toxic and unhappy personality will cause IID, the public and her customers much heartburn — misrule and exploitation of naïve innocents being your anthem — with bad government and ineptitude being the yields of your position.

Mr. Hernandez, please reconsider your candidacy — because I am unsure whether you are more the mean fool or a stupid coward. The people spoke in November of last year and kicked you out of office — now, you want more. Are you back to punish IID and the public?


El Centro

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