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Voice: Dhillon has a history of doing good in the community

November 03, 2001

You people at the Imperial Valley Press are so unaware about David Dhillon. I have known David Dhillon his entire life. I have never seen a politician or community leader produce more results than him.

As Imperial Valley College student body president in 1980-81, David delivered two major concerts (Tierra) never before seen at IVC and a sign and marquee on Aten Road which still stand today.

At Calexico and Central high schools, he was not only a beloved teacher, but did the extra things with anti-drug organizations that made a difference for kids and families.

At Catholic Charities, throughout the 1990s he contributed to make that organization the biggest and most successful non-profit in the Valley by expanding space as well as service offerings, but especially creating a food drive program unmatched that produced 40 tons of donated canned goods a year, all for our local poor. All this while never having a personnel or volunteer problem, as well as always balancing his budget. I should know. I was one of several volunteers very close to these programs.


And finally, David Dhillon's most recent achievements with the city, securing the funding from the San Diego Padres for four ball fields, creating a more innovative way to police in our city, with school resource and community resource officers, motorcycle cops and bicycle patrol and bringing to El Centro two major investors to build a very beautiful skate park for the kids.

I.V. Press, I challenge you to find positive things that have happened that you can credit only one councilman.


El Centro

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