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Voice: Terrorists failed

we're more united than ever

November 03, 2001

This is to all you "terrorists" out there. We know it was you who flew those planes into the World Trade Center, both buildings six and seven, we know it was you who crashed into the Pentagon, and we know it was you who crashed into Pennsylvania. Although you planned out everything to the last detail and your plan carried out how you wanted, you underestimated the United States of America.

Just listen to our country's name, the United States of America. You wanted to tear the country apart but you failed. You only united us more. We as a country have never before been more united as we have become since the cowardly attack of Sept. 11. You hit the World Trade Center thinking that you would weaken our economy. All you did was help boost it up.

Yeah, our economy was a little shaky the first few days, but now business is going great. We even have you to thank for making our airports, ballparks, theme parks and all other major events a lot safer than they used to be. You just made things a lot harder for you and a lot safer for us. Slowly you will fade away.


Everyone watching the United States of America was thinking that someone finally hit us. Well, you just made us a lot more powerful and a lot safer. This war is like no other and everyone, no matter where they live, will always remember this war. This is the war that brought the United States together. We are all in this together, whether we be Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Buddhist or Muslim.

We have fought in many wars and we have always overcome. Our nation is the youngest nation around and we are still No. 1. Doesn't that make you think that we must be doing something right?

Now this isn't the first time we have dealt with terrorism. This is nothing new to us, so we pretty much know what we are doing.

Think about everything we as a nation have been through. Has anything ever brought us down? Has anything ever torn us apart? Have we ever gotten to the point in which we had to give up? No. We never give up, we never tear apart and most certainly we never get down. We always overcome and we always will.

Now with all of that said, do you still want to go through with what you are trying to do? Do you still think you will defeat us? Think about this and always remember that we as a country will always stand united. Nothing can bring us down.


Calexico High School senior

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