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Our Opinion: Go vote

November 05, 2001

Tomorrow is an important day in that we, the voting citizens of Imperial County, will have the opportunity to flex our power. There are several key elections and it is our chance to send clear messages to our civic and school leaders through the choices we make at the ballot boxes.

It's essential that people vote. Too often, we fear, people lose sight of just how important it is to vote in our representative democracy. It is not just a right, it is a privilege and it is a power.

When our leaders are elected we are giving them a great deal of power over our lives. We hope they use the power carefully and wisely and to the best interests of those they serve. But the key element is we give them that power. To do that, we need to exercise our power carefully, wisely and effectively.

The only way to do that is to vote. We urge you not to relinquish that power. Your vote counts. You can make a difference.


The following list is a recap of this newspaper's endorsements, reached after interviews with the candidates and reviews of their backgrounds:

Brawley Union High School District board — Rodney Arterberry, Robert Prior

· Brawley Elementary School District board — Joe Padilla, Mary Slaughter

· El Centro Elementary School District board — Sedalia Sanders, Ron Hull, George McFaddin

El Centro City Council — Cheryl Walker, Raymond Castillo

· Imperial Unified School District board — Stan Armstrong, Sandy Finnell, Cindy Salazar-Bass.

There are other candidates in those races who are qualified and would make fine board members. The quality of the slates of candidates this time speaks a lot to how the Imperial Valley is getting to be a better place to live. We can remember times not long ago when we were lamenting the general quality of the candidates. Now it seems there are too many qualified people. In addition, there are quality people running for seats on boards for which we do not offer endorsements.

These are good candidates, and voting is an easy thing to do, so do it for the good of your community.

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