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Voice: A patriotic poem

November 05, 2001

My name is Sarah Malan and I am a junior at Brawley Union High School. Recently for a class we were assigned to write a poem about the terrorist attacks and I chose to write on someone who was nearly forgotten in all of this commotion: the Statue of Liberty.

The Witness

No one knew it was coming,

Something that would everyone appall.

Very few cameras were rolling,

But she saw it all.

This very old woman,

One hundred fifteen years to be exact,

Stood by quietly

And watched everyone react.


She's part French and part American,

But American true to heart.

She's lived in New York all her life,

So with her twin neighbors she thought she would never part.

Yes, she saw the towers be hit,

She also saw them fall.

But now she sees this new sense of nationalism

And her flame now burns brighter over all.



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