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New look starts today for Press

November 05, 2001|By DARREN SIMON, Staff Writer

In the continuing effort to deliver the news in a way that is interesting and accessible, the Imperial Valley Press today introduces a new look designed to be more reader-friendly.

Over the course of several months, the newspaper has been working on a redesign to create consistency throughout the newspaper and give readers a more graphically appealing package.

Publisher Dave Leone said the newspaper is constantly looking to improve its service to the community, adding the redesign is in line with that effort.

"Change is good," he said. "This is not a huge change. We are updating some elements. We just needed to be more reader- friendly."


Leone added along with the redesign there will be a "harder push" toward local news and to present the news in a way that meets the needs of a public.

He said, for example, readers will find more briefs of local news and events so the public can gather information quickly and move onto other activities.

For the redesign effort, the newspaper contracted Dana Point resident Pam Marshak, a former newspaper editor who provides consulting services on newspaper redesigns.

Marshak met with Imperial Valley Press News Editor Peggy Dale and other staffers to plan the redesign. Then she took suggestions from the staff and went to work on a number of design options.

"We started the redesign with a set of goals and all the decisions made along the way were measured against those goals," Marshak said. "But also taken into account was the history of the paper, the area, the staff capabilities and tastes."

The redesign affects all sections of the newspaper, from page 1 to sports. The new look will establish consistency in all sections. Consistency is one way of making the newspaper easier to read.

Managing Editor Bret Kofford said in general the newspaper has been behind the times in design trends.

"Every time we catch up, we seem to fall behind again," Kofford said.

"This is more of a modern design," he said. "It's a clean look. It's a more professional look."

Kofford said the redesign has taken a lot of effort to bring to fruition and he credited Dale for her work on the project.

Dale added, "This was a team effort. It took all of us to pull it together and it's going to take all of us to keep it a quality product."

The redesign comes as the newspaper celebrates 100 years of service to the Imperial Valley.

Kofford said the Press has long worked to produce the best quality newspaper for the community and he said that will not change.

Leone said of the effort to provide news and other services to the local community, "We think we do it better than anyone else, but we are trying to do it better."

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