PROBE: November 7, 2001

November 07, 2001

Some time ago we attended a nurses' pinning ceremony. It was a nice affair. All the new nurses looked sharp in their white uniforms and caps. That leads to my question: Why don't nurses wear caps anymore? It was a nice tradition. — Wondering, El Centro

PROBE readers, we'll do almost anything to get an answer to your questions. We figured the best person to answer the question would be a nurse and the best place to find a nurse would be a hospital.

When we called El Centro Regional Medical Center and asked to speak to a nurse, the switchboard operator switched us to the emergency room.

When we repeated your question, the young woman who answered the phone in the emergency found us a nurse. With a vision of an abandoned patient bleeding on an examining table, we stumbled over the question. Even we can be embarrassed.


The nurse said, "I don't know. We were mulling over your question before I came out. Why don't you go back to the switchboard and ask for Kay? She would know."

Before we could ask for Kay, the switchboard operator said, "You should talk to so-and-so." But so-and-so wasn't at her desk so the operator paged her.

When so-and-so came on the line, we gulped, "Why don't nurses wear caps anymore?"

"Because it's not mandatory," she said.

Besides, busy nurses push their caps askew, especially when they whip their stethoscopes off and on. Now you know.

Until I hurt my shoulder on the job, I had two full-time jobs and was doing fine. I am a single mom with three kids. I am going to the hospital for surgery tomorrow and will be off work for four weeks.

After I got hurt I got behind on my house payments.

The day the terrorists attacked the World Trade Center, I applied at Neighborhood House in Calexico for help. I was told I would get $1,200. The mortgage company agreed to accept that.

I understood Neighborhood House would send the check. When the mortgage company called, Neighborhood House said the check was in the mail. It wasn't.

I called again and learned it would send only $750 but it sent nothing. I then learned it would send only $500. Then I was told I qualified for only $400. The mortgage company sent me a letter saying it will accept no more payments from me until I send $2,000 by Nov. 23.

It's been two months since Neighborhood House said it would help me. I relied on its promise. I am going to lose my house because it didn't do what it said it would do! Help! — Desperate, Calexico

Neighborhood House Director Richard Ortega said you talked to everybody but him. He promised to review your account to see what happened.

After we talked, he called you and said you can pick up the check today. Good luck.

My parents are remodeling their home. They are removing a 50- by 60-inch window. The glass is too good to bury in a landfill. Do you think a PROBE reader could make good use of it? — Recycler, El Centro

OK, PROBE readers, if you want a big piece of glass, call us at 337-3448.

After your paper's redesign, I can't find PROBE. Where is it? — Regular Reader, El Centro

It's still on A2, the Region page, but now it's running in a single column down the left side of the page.

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