County finds no illegal activity at Heber polls

November 07, 2001|By AARON CLAVERIE, Staff Writer

HEBER — Two people complained of electioneering at the Heber School voting place, according to Dolores Provencio, county registrar of voters.

She said "troubleshooters" were dispatched to Heber School and found no evidence of illegal activity.

Some voters interviewed Tuesday night complained about one woman they said was rude or overbearing while passing out pamphlets in support of a candidate.

Others said there were so many people passing out pamphlets near the entrance to the polling place it was hard to enter.

One of the winners of Tuesday's Public Utility District election, Frank L. Marquez, said, "There was not really obstruction but there was (a lot of) candidates.


"When someone got there everyone would want to hand out their list.

"If they stepped out of the line it was because there was so many."

He said the "troubleshooters" came out the polling place and told residents to keep their pamphlets concealed while within 100 feet of the polling place.

"They said it was OK to have the pamphlets as long as they don't show them or pass them around," Marquez said.

Another district winner, Diahna Garcia-Ruiz, noted the behavior of the woman who had been mentioned by other voters and said that she was "rude" but wasn't doing anything illegal.

She said there was definitely a crowd around the gate that people passed through to get to the polling place.

"You had to go in sideways," she said.

Provencio said the people passing out pamphlets near the polling place were told not to obstruct the passage of voters to the polls.

Provencio said one of the complainants to her office was people felt "obstructed."

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