IID department looking at $100K reserve

November 09, 2001|By RUDY YNIGUEZ, Staff Writer

Under current projections, the Imperial Irrigation District's water department should end the next fiscal year with a $100,000 reserve, according to information presented by the district Thursday at a public workshop to discuss the department's budget.

The district has projected total revenues at $77.6 million and total expenditures at $77.5 million. The department's sources of income include water sales, the water availability charge, the All-American Canal, proceeds from certificates of participation and other funding sources and revenues.

Expenditures include labor and benefits, materials, contract services, debt service and other operating expenditures.

For the current fiscal year, the water department had budgeted revenues and funding at $74.3 million with budgeted expenses of $74.3 million. The actual budget ended up at $75.3 million and expenditures at $71.5 million.

IID Chief Financial Officer/Controller Kris Fontaine said the district ended up selling about $1.8 million more in water than budgeted.

For fiscal 2003, the water department has a projected budget of $75.5 million and expenditures of $75.1 million. For 2004, the budget is projected at $71.1 million and expenditures of $76.1 million.


For 2002, the district estimates water sales to farmers of 2.59 million acre-feet; to cities, 32,000 acre-feet and to industry, 27,000. For 2003, sales are estimated at the same level. For 2001 actual sales were 2.68 million acre-feet to farmers, 30,435 to cities and 19,703 to industry.

Fontaine said the reason for the difference is that certificates of participation sold to fund water rights protection will have run out by then. She said to preclude the deficit, the district must either eliminate the expense or find a way to again fund it.

The water department's 2002 budget does not include money for the implementation of the district's efficiency study, cost-of-living pay increases for employees or a new water management system. The budget does contain money for merit increases and increased benefits.

The district will have a public workshop on the power department's budget at 5 p.m. Tuesday in the William R. Condit Auditorium, 1285 Broadway, El Centro.

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