PROBE: Nov. 12, 2001

November 12, 2001

AN ISLAMIC ARAB: What's the difference between a Muslim and an Islamic, or is there a difference? — Getting Educated, Email

We're all taking crash courses in the religion and culture of the Middle East. There is a difference between Islamic and Muslim. Islam is the religion practiced by Muslims. The term Islamic is an adjective describing those things having to do with the religion of Islam.

For instance, an Arab who professes a faith in Christ would be a Christian Arab. Another Arab who worshipped in a mosque would be an Islamic Arab.

Islam is a faith that teaches there is one supreme god, Allah, and the chief prophet is Mohammed.

WAR BUDDY: I am trying to locate a friend of mine from World War II, Drexel Cooper, who used to work in an El Centro hardware store. My last address for him was 1405 Pepper St. I have lost contact with him. I wrote to the El Centro mayor and got a letter from the city clerk suggesting I write to PROBE. — Searching, San Diego


How long has it been since you heard from Mr. Cooper? World War II was almost 60 years ago. According to the note you forwarded, City Clerk Rita Noden said she was unable to locate him.

But if he can be found in Imperial County, PROBE readers will locate him. OK, PROBE readers, if you know the whereabouts of Drexel Cooper, give us a call at 337-3448 or write George C. Sterling, P.O. Box 121051, San Diego CA 92112.

Although we mean well, finding lost people, particularly lost relatives, is not always appreciated. A man claimed the mother of his daughters left, taking the girls when they were toddlers and he had been searching for them ever since. Could PROBE help?

PROBE readers recognized the now grown daughters and alerted their mother, all still living in El Centro, that he was looking for them.

"He's a lying dog," according to the mother of his children, who said her ex left, never looked back and never paid a dime in child support.

"He always knew where we were. I never broke contact with his family. None of us want to see him."

What's more, she said, she called him up and told him so!

HELP: My father, Robert T. Lowther, died Feb. 2, 1998, in Imperial and I am trying to find out anything I can about him. If you can help, I would be grateful. — Daughter, Email

You didn't give us much to go on, not even the city where you live. Did you check with the county Recorder's Office, where a death certificate would be on file? A death certificate will tell you where he died, the attending physician and the cause of death.

But again, PROBE readers, if you know anything about Mr. Lowther, give us a call on our PROBE line at 337-3448 or email his daughter at

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