Voice: Eliminate shallow areas of Salton Sea

November 12, 2001

For over 50 years, departments of the universities have "waxed fat" studying the Salton Sea. In each case the main recommendation of their respective projects was:

— There needs to be another study.

Even with the advent of the Salton Sea Authority, the study of the sea continued in basically the same disjointed, incremental and muddling-through manner.

More importantly, no basic planning project was initiated. A "myriad of studies" is a far cry from a plan for the Salton Sea. The plan for the Salton Sea should be the basis for making requests.

For example, the planning process for the Salton Sea should recognize the shallow areas at the north and south ends of the sea as real losers, i.e.


— These areas evaporate more water than they store. Therefore, they are salt-generating areas.

I have heard of no plans to eliminate these areas. If such plans existed, this would eliminate the need for supplemental inflow water based on fallowing.

The response to the "need for fallowing" should be:

— Meaningful plans for the sea come first.

The question was asked — If you eliminate the shallow areas of the sea, won't this raise the level of the sea?

The answer is that the "elimination of these shallow areas" is coordinated with the "reduction of the inflow to the sea based on water transfers."

Therefore, this approach will help maintain the level of the sea.


El Centro

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