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Voice: Boninface stooping low in attack

November 13, 2001

Reading "Voice of The People" on Nov. 4, I was amazed at the hatred displayed by Mr. Boniface toward Mr. Hernandez. I have known Mr. Hernandez for 30 years, going back to when he was our scoutmaster for Troop 72 at Our Lady of Guadalupe. Mr. Hernandez was also our inspirational leader of the renowned drill team Los Dons. Mr. Hernandez served as a United States Marine from 1968 to 1972. Mr. Hernandez has always helped the youth of our community be all they can be.

If Mr. Boniface feels somehow his rights have been violated by Mr. Hernandez, why smear Mr. Hernandez in the print media? I am sure there are proper avenues of due process that Mr. Boniface can utilize.

I must salute Mr. Hernandez on not stooping so low as Mr. Boniface has and responding to all the trash Mr. Boniface has written.

Mr. Boniface looks to me to be envious of Mr. Hernandez. If Mr. Boniface feels he can be a better candidate for public office he can exercise his rights by choosing to run for public office.


I suspect Mr. Boniface will now try to respond to this letter by using more smear tactics.

With all that our country has been through since Sept. 11 this is not time to be divided. It is time to be united. I wish Mr. Hernandez the best in his endeavor to be a director for the Imperial Irrigation District. He surely has my vote. God bless America.


El Centro

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