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Probe: November 14, 2001

November 15, 2001

CASTING BREAD — They call me Doughboy. I'm the guy who throws bread on La Brucherie Road. It started several years ago when a guy said, "You want to make some bread? Come with me."

I thought he was going to pay me so I went. He took me to a place and showed me how to make bread. I got good at it, then I got religion. One day I was reading my Bible and I came to a part that said, "Cast your bread upon the water."

So I started throwing the bread on La Brucherie Road. I've been doing it ever since. That's the story. — Doughboy, El Centro

If you were trying to follow a Biblical suggestion to cast your bread upon the water, why have you been throwing it on the west side of La Brucherie? The water is in the ditch on the east side of the road.


This whole project tickles our fancy. There's something mystical about fat golden loaves of bread scattered along the dusty shoulders of a road. Your story sounds like a parable. It must mean something, but what?

Did you think the loaves would multiply to feed the multitudes? If you're going to feed a crowd, you're going to need something to go with the bread — a fish, or maybe a hunk of cheese and a bottle of wine.

You know what would be great? — some of those sun-dried tomatoes in oil to smear on the bread. Unfortunately our mystical side goes only so far before we have to say we don't believe a word of your story.

Now will the real bread wasting culprit come forth. Our PROBE line is 337-3448.

UESTION: A teacher at Calexico High School threatened a child's life and called him a derogatory name with an expletive. This is the fourth outburst from this teacher. If the tables were turned and a student did this to a teacher, the student would be in jail. Nothing seems to happen to the teacher. Could you ask some questions? — Angry Parent, Calexico

If the teacher threatened a student's life, you should have called the cops or at least talked to Roberto Moreno, superintendent of the Calexico Unified School District. It's against the law for a teacher, student or anybody else to threaten death or injury to another person.

School district policy forbids teachers from humiliating students. If a teacher ridicules a student and it continues, "We would have to do something," Moreno said.

As you might expect, Moreno wouldn't confirm or deny that such an incident occurred. That would violate the teacher's right to confidentiality and therefore the state Education Code, he said.

To start the ball rolling, complain. Put it in writing. If nothing happens, take it to the district Board of Trustees.

If you lodged a complaint, "We would certainly investigate," Moreno promised.

UESTION: What is the correct way to refer to Holtville residents? Would you call them Holtvillans? — Curious, Brawley

Never! And we would never, even in jest, call Holtville Hooterville. We might say or write Holtvillite although we favor "Holtville resident" or a "Holtville man" or "Holtville woman."

I.V. Press Sports Editor Chris Grant said he favors a possessive "Holtville" as in "Holtville's Jason Brady."

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