Probe: November 15, 2001

November 15, 2001

QUESTION: If PROBE can't help us find a super large size Santa Claus suit, a lot of kids are going to be disappointed this year. Our Santa is too big for his britches and it's too late to make him jog off his belly.

He's tall, maybe 6 feet 4 inches, and he's probably 60 inches around the middle. We have a regular Santa suit but our Santa can't get into it. We need the suit for only one day. We would like to borrow, buy or rent it if someone has a big and tall suit.

We don't know what day we'll need the suit. We will decide at our next Niland Chamber of Commerce board meeting. We expect 150 to 200 kids for Santa's visit at the chamber building. Santa will pass out toys and bags of fruit and candy.

After he visits with the Niland kids, he'll stop by Pioneers Memorial Hospital in Brawley and then the Betty Jo McNeece home for abused and neglected children. — Santa's Helper, Niland


You're working that old gent pretty hard, so how did he get so out of shape? Maybe you can put him on a fast to take off some blubber.

But never mind. It would be a shame if Santa didn't make it out to the Niland appearance, where kids will come from the Slabs and other points of despair in North County.

Edith Peters, the 77-year-old helper in charge of finding something for Santa to wear on his big day in Niland, said the chamber has fund raisers all year to provide a festive touch for kids most likely to be otherwise forgotten by Santa Claus.

If you want to help, call Edith at 359-0431. Edith, let us know when Santa will be there so we can alert the kids.

EATEN OUT OF HOUSE AND HOME — I'm another person who paid Guyse Exterminators $100 annually to inspect my house once a year with the understanding that if I ever got termites, the company would exterminate the bugs without further charge. After 10 years, I found termites in my closet and Guyse seems to be out of business. I called the state. Guyse still has a license, but where are they? What can I do? — Bugged, El Centro

You can take the exterminators to court if you can find them. That could be more trouble than its worth. You would mess up their credit and we guess that's worth something. But you may not get any money. People don't often walk away from a prospering business.

You can write off your 10-year investment, hire another company to debug your house and move on with your life. There's a lot to be said for that last option.

QUESTION: Can you talk to the "higher-ups" to print the newspaper with darker ink? As we get older, our eyesight is not as good as it used to be. See you at our next reunion. — Mrs. Magoo, Holtville

Speak for yourself. We don't need darker ink, we need bigger print. Something about the size of the PROBE headline would be fine.

We don't have to speak to the "higher-up." We're sure that person reads PROBE every day (if he can see it). If you don't see a change, you'll know he said, "No."

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