Probe: November 16, 2001

November 16, 2001

LET 'EM EAT TOAST — I am a deputy sheriff and I know who is throwing bread on La Brucherie Road. Over a year ago I was following a pickup down La Brucherie when I noticed something falling out of the truck.

I pulled over the truck and found it was loaded with bread. I asked the driver what he was doing with the bread. He said he picks up bread from stores to feed his pigs and cattle.

He lives on Heber Road.

I read in PROBE about people finding loaves of bread on La Brucherie. I figured somebody else would tell you. But since you still don't know, I decided to call. — Deputy, Holtville

After you told us about stopping a bread hauler on La Brucherie, we went to Heber Road and found the man who admitted he feeds bread to his cattle and goats but never to pigs. Bread makes pigs too fat.


"People tell me, ‘They're writing about you in the newspaper,' but it's not me dropping bread on La Brucherie Road. I never go on La Brucherie. That would be out of my way," he said, "But I think I know who does."

There is a family that picks up bread in Calexico to feed its livestock near Imperial, he said. The family may be dropping bread on La Brucherie.

Cattle enjoy bread, and mixed with hay, it's a good addition to a bovine diet, according to the bread hauler.

We have never seen cattle eat bread but we can believe it. Once at the Carrot Festival horse show and gymkhana, we saw a horse lean over his young handler's shoulder and take a big bite of the kid's hot dog.

UESTION: We owe $184 to Imperial Irrigation District. If we don't pay the whole thing today, IID will cut off our electricity. We can't pay it all. We can pay half today and the other half next week. Can you help? — Desperate, Calexico

We did better than that. Since you have to wait until your husband gets paid today, you can pay half Monday and the other half the following Monday, said IID spokeswoman Sue Giller.

KNEW HER DAD — I knew Robert Lowther for three years. He was on dialysis before he died in 1998 of kidney disease. I believe he said he was 73. He was slender with dark hair and always pleasant. He and his wife, Martha, lived at 2860 La Brucherie Road. I hope this helps his daughter who was looking for information about her dad. — Neighbor, El Centro

Thank you. Now that we know where he lived, we might learn more, like what did he do for a living or whether he had any hobbies. You can call us at 337-3448 or email his daughter, Robette, at

By the way, we received 10 voice mail messages from people who knew Drexel Cooper, including one from Lynn Housouer of the Pioneers' Museum. She said Cooper's will left a "bequest" to the museum.

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