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Youth sports: Suns team takes first in Vista

November 16, 2001

VISTA — The Imperial Valley Suns bantam boys junior cross country team won a Junior Olympics meet here last weekend.

The Suns bantam boys were led by Antonio Ramirez, who took second (13 minutes 23 seconds). I.V. Suns Robert Padilla was fourth (14:12), Alfredo Ocegueda fifth (14:22), Miguel Verduzco sixth (14:29), Daniel Brodell eighth (14:30) and Cody Thornburg 22nd (22:13).

In the bantam girls class, the Suns Linda Castro took eighth (16:04), Alex Costales 16th (20:58) and Bianca Ramos 17th (21:00).

The Suns youth boys team took second, led by Miguel Barron, who finished third (14:58). The Suns Rodolfo Calles was sixth (15:49), Javier Carrillo took ninth (16:10), Areian Montes 16th (19:34) and Bucky Durant 17th (19:55).


In the youth girls division, the Suns Margarita Gonzalez was seventh (21:48) and Felissa Gamboa ninth (22:04).

In the midget girls class the Suns Adriana Lopez was seventh (16:11).

In the midget boys class the Suns Jovane Camacho was eighth (13:03), Frankie Costales was 15th (15:06), Mike Garibaldi 16th (15:25), Luis Murta 17th (17:27) and Daniel Arciga 20th (22:04).


SEELEY — The winners of Saturday's Imperial Valley BMX Association races were:

Girls — Kiersten Brown (9), Katherine West (11) and Samantha Culp (15).

Cruiser — Brian Cannon (27), David Garcia (36-40), Joseph Moyer (46-50).

Novice — Tyler Herrera (8) and Brock Gordon (13).

Intermediate — Zach Marrs (6), Tanner Holt (9), Nathan Binkinz (11), Royce Culp (13) and Donald Smail (17 and over).

Expert — Matthew Martin (7), Michael Wolfe (8), Ian Adame (9), Nicholas Fackler (11), Ian Adame (14) and Justin Lofton (16).

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