Thank You: School Concerts and Arts kudos

November 17, 2001

North County Coalition for the Arts wants to publicly thank Sponsors of our School Concert and Arts Series 2001-2002.

So far, 3,406 students and teachers have attended, from school districts of Calexico, Imperial, Magnolia, Calipatria, Central, El Centro elementary and high school, Holtville, Brawley elementary and high School, as well as private schools of Westmorland, Brawley Christian, Sacred Heart, Enrichment Center and Imperial Valley home schools. All Valley schools were invited to these events.

The day after their Nov. 4 concert, the Gospel Hummingbirds continued their four-activity residency by visiting the Brawley Union High School band and chorus classes, performing a school concert at Palmer Performing Arts Center

for over 900 students, followed by a choral clinic. The quartet of African-American vocalists and their backline players were truly inspirational.


Nov. 7 and 8, over 2,000 youths were given their first opera experience.

The acclaimed San Diego Opera Ensemble (six opera singers and a pianist) performed Gounod's "Romeo and Juliet" twice and Rossini's "The Barber of Seville" twice. Both operas were shortened, translated into English and edited to be accessible to young people. Even the smallest child was impressed.

We are able to provide these fine arts experiences to Valley students at 50 cents per student because of the generosity of the following sponsors: Dr. Don Barniske O.D., Art Lohr CPA, Tyler-Hart Insurance, Debbie's Western Wear and Graffik Graffiti, Valley Independent Bank, Locke Air Conditioning, Dr. Kestutis Kuraitis, Clinicas de Salud del Pueblo, Don Ehman, M.D., Inc, Pioneers Memorial Hospital District, Imperial Stores, Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. of Imperial Valley, Brooks Jewelry, Imperial Hay Sales and I.V. Family Care Medical Group.

Thank you all!

Our gratitude also to Carolyn Sechrist and the Southwest High School string orchestra, who provided Brawley Union High School District students with a free preview of their concert at Palmer on Nov. 13. Mrs. Sechrist has an extremely fine group of players. Most have learned entirely in the El Centro school orchestras and without private lessons. We commend the El Centro school districts for recognizing the value of a string orchestra program for their students.



North County Coalition

for the Arts


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