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Voice: Hispanics are highest-decorated group

November 20, 2001

I went over the first of my series of war letters. I saw nothing that even remotely hinted that I thought that the terrorists meant to kill only rich, white Republicans. They haven't yet invented a weapon that smart.

Over 300 Mexican national business persons and workers died in the twin towers that day.

The 2000 census counted the Hispanic population as 12.5 percent. The 1970 results were less than 9 percent, and that was during the Vietnam War.

I tripled-checked on this one. Hispanics are the highest decorated (per capita) ethnic group in the history of American wars. Of those Hispanics, Mexicans are first.

Remember that I said it was profit time for the military/industrial complex? Well, this newspaper reported a record high contract of $200 billion awarded to Lockheed. Also on the wedding page an interesting story about how the Moors/Arabs influenced the Spanish language, culture and traditions. Later the Spanish brought it to the Americas.


Over the years this newspaper has been my main source of information. The Imperial Valley Press has formed my opinions, philosophy and values. I owe it.

This Calexico Housing Authority mess got me off track. Ya'll have real good holidays, hear!



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