Probe: November 23, 2001

November 22, 2001

On television Jack-in-the Box advertises two tacos for 99 cents. In El Centro that's what they cost. I stopped at the Jack-in-the-Box by Wal-Mart in Calexico and the price was two for $1.29. I asked why and the clerk said he didn't know.

"I guess our tacos are priced the highest in the area," he said.

I think the tacos at the Calexico restaurant are the most expensive Jack-in-the-Box tacos in the nation. It's not the money. I just want to know why! — Taco Eater, Calexico

We called the restaurant and we didn't find out why two tacos in a Calexico Jack-in-the-Box restaurant cost 30 cents more than in Jack's El Centro and Brawley restaurants.

All Jack's Calexico restaurants price tacos at two for $1.29. All the restaurant employees knew was the corporate order came down to raise the price of tacos in Calexico.


"It's a test," a Calexico employee said.

In El Centro, another employee agreed the Calexico price hike was a test ordered by Jack's corporate headquarters.

Nobody would say what the corporation expected to learn from the test. We're going to guess the honchos are trying to find out if people in Calexico will pay more for two tacos.

LD HEBER SCHOOL — Your reader was wrong when he said the old Heber College closed its doors on Halloween in 1952. I was in seventh grade and we finished our last year in the old building in June 1953. We started eighth grade in the new school in September.

I have never heard of a ghost in the old school. If there is a ghost prowling around, it's old Ace Puckett trying to track down kids who should have been in school. Ace taught seventh and eighth grade in the old building. In the new school, he taught only the eighth. There were 19 of us in eighth grade, the first class to graduate from the new school. — Alumnus, El Centro

We remember J. Ace Puckett. He finished his career at Pine School north of Holtville.

But we don't think the reported ghost in the old college building is Ace. People who claim to have seen the ghost say it's a young woman wearing a white dress, not an old coach with white hair.

Here's another witness …

IS SHE REAL? — I am 12 years old. I live across the railroad tracks from the old Heber College. My friend and I walked over by the school. It was real dark and scary. A young woman in white walked by the window. She kept walking back and forth to look out. Who is she? Is she for real? — Spooked, Heber

Of course she's real. Those stories about a ghost in Heber School are just a lot of hogwash. That young woman is not as young as she looks. She moved into the school about 20 years ago because she had no place else to go.

If you go back, be real quiet and don't make her angry. We hear she has a terrible temper.

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