A Reader Writes - By Jack V. Adler: Thoughts on dimension

November 26, 2001

To me, life and the material things we see about us are only one dimension of the visible world in which we live, work and play.

I am equally convinced there is another dimension, perhaps many, that we do not see that exerts a powerful influence on human life. It is thought by many that this dimension, invisible realm is the sole domain of religion or philosophy.

However when we begin to examine theoretical physics we find that the unseen is the physicist's stock in trade. Religion accepts such things wholly on faith, also using superstition, and fable along with ancient riddles and mystery, whereas physics approaches the unproven dimensions as fact and constructs elaborate theories to prove their existence. Some have been proven and many have not.

By such actions we observe that religion, philosophy and theoretical physics have much in common and are closely related. The only thing that in reality sets them apart is the mental bent of those pursuing one track or the other.


When it comes right down to it, it is mainly summed up as, "only believe" and let that belief or faith lead whether or not proof is available; eventually proof will be developed or discovered to substantiate belief or faith, so they believe.

Many people, in fact the majority, are unaware of the accomplishments of science and accept their developments as matter of fact, things that just are, to use or ignore, and treat religion much the same way. There are so many of them and they are so confusing they would rather not get involved in investigating. If something unusual happens, they accept it and quickly forget it as something they can't understand and really don't want to. They are content in their own small world, in their own private rut, and do not wish to be disturbed by the world at large. The ostrich hiding his head in the sand comes to mind.

I am reminded of Shackleton's ill-fated Antarctic expedition. When their ship was crushed by the ice, they set up a makeshift camp and three men started to make their way to a whaling station many miles away, enduring almost unbelievable hardship. When they finally reached safety they began to compare notes, and each said he felt there was a fourth man with them until they reached the station and safety. All the members of the expedition were rescued; none was lost.

But who or what was that fourth man whose presence was felt, but never seen, and why was it there? It's true that man's mind sometimes plays tricks on him, but the same trick on three different men at the same time? Never. A presence from another dimension, possibly?

There has been recounted by may reputable men of science, at crucial moments of discovery, flashes of enlightenment that were credited with their success, that came out of the blue.

Many millions of dollars have been and are being spent trying to contact extraterrestrial life, find evidence that life in some form does exist or did exist somewhere other than the earth in the universe we observe every day. Are there other dimensions that can be used or may be used in this search? Are we being observed and monitored by intelligence other than human, and if so for what purpose? It has been said the best proof that alien intelligence exists is the fact that they have not contacted humanity. Our record for peace and progress is a shame and an affront to intelligence.

That there exists another dimension a spiritual realm, is not a new thought. It is the basis for the Christian religion and for that matter practically all religions. No, we are not alone and never have been alone since the beginning of man's life on earth.

The visible, material things that exist and we see are only the smallest part of things that are. This has been forcefully brought to our attention by the Hubble telescope expanding our knowledge and concept of our universe and other universes beyond our reach. It is a known fact that what we see when we peer into the night sky of our universe is much less than 10 percent of what really exists.

When we speak of God we think of him as relating only to this world of humans, and there is nothing terribly wrong with such thinking, but we rarely consider him as the creator or source of all life wherever and whatever form life may take.

There are forms of life on this Earth that man can not explain or understand, existing under conditions where previous thought classified it as impossible. This being so, we should not close our minds to that which we cannot or have not seen. The invisible exists whether or not it may stagger our imagination. Of skeptics we have a large population, of searchers a very few.

It wasn't so terribly long ago that man believed the earth to be flat. The sailors of Columbus were fearful they might sail off the earth to a mysterious end. There still exists in Britain a "Flat Earth Society," not that they really believe the earth to be flat, but existing as a humorous anachronism.

I am certain there will come a time when intelligence will not be considered the sole property of humanity but will be equated with an invisible realm with which man is barely acquainted at this time. When this occurs it will mean a great advancement toward peace and plenty for all, as we look back to the gross ignorance of this time, wondering how could we have been so stupid.

>> JACK V. ADLER is an El Centro resident.

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