Voice: Stop the perusal of fallowing

November 26, 2001

"To farm or not to farm?," that is the question.

The people say "farm." The landowners/growers say "fallow."

The landowners in Imperial Valley do not own the water rights (as they do in Palo Verde Valley). Therefore, there is the underlying question as to how the landowners in Imperial Valley claim rights and benefit from "not ordering water" and "not farming."

The "pursual of the fallowing approach" ultimately leads to the "drying up of the agricultural areas" and to Imperial Valley becoming another Owens Valley.

Importantly, the existing policy of the IID, as found in the water transfer agreement, includes:

— There shall be no fallowing.

Companion to this is the proposed water transfer policy, to be heard in the upcoming workshops, that:

— Water to be transferred shall be limited to 0.6 to 1.0 acre-foot of water per acre.

This effectively precludes crop rotation and fallowing (the two non-farming approaches).


Therefore, "those who oppose fallowing" should "support the adoption of this policy."


El Centro

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