Voice: Multiculturalism really is about anti-Americanism

November 26, 2001

The words Mexican and American and 175 like adjectives (based on U.N. membership) refer, in general, to nations and their culture and, when applied specifically to people, denote citizenship and associated ethnicity.

The story of America is not about immigrants importing their culture. America is about individuals purposely choosing to leave behind 176 other nations with inferior cultural values and attitudes toward personal liberty and individual rights in order to adopt America's.

It used to be that legal immigrants wanted their children, as quickly as possible, to be ethnic Americans, indistinguishable, in language, cultural habits and philosophical beliefs, from those Americans already here, so they could share fully in the bounty America offers its citizens.

In the 1960s the intellectual left began altering the traditional process of assimilation by promoting the concept of multiculturalism. The justification offered for change was it would enhance certain individuals' self-esteem.


Multiculturalism is not about self-esteem. Self-esteem is independent from race, creed, color, nationality, country of origin and other external factors. It is a psychological state of mind that stems from "a positive self-appraisal of one's own ability to think and act rationally" in the context of one's own life. Those who practice the virtues of individual productiveness, self-reliance and personal responsibility earn and keep it.

Multiculturalism is really about anti-Americanism. It's a means of attacking America's achievement and, more insidiously, its core cultural virtues, some of which are cited above.

As intended by its sponsors, multiculturalism became a bountiful source of cultural poison. Not surprisingly, it proved most toxic to those it claimed to be helping.

Among its many negative effects on the "beneficiaries" was increased dependence on welfare, stigmatization of individual merit and achievement with affirmative action, denial of a fundamental birthright, English literacy through bilingual education and creation of an artificial social class of "hyphenated Americans."

Antitoxins for multiculturalism's poison, like Proposition 227, are starting to take effect as Mr. Elias pointed out in his "Viewpoint" column.

A small, personal boon for Mr. Elias, derived from Proposition 22, will be future readers who can comprehend what he's actually writing about even if they don't agree.



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