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Voice: Maruca's concerns are about we the people

November 26, 2001

A long time ago in a land far away, there was an inspiration for the foundation of a government that went something like this, "Of the people, by the people, for the people."

Well, Mr. Maruca, "we the people" would like to thank you for holding on to that inspiration. Now for the rest of our supervisors I say the "we the people" our founding fathers were talking about are on this side of the border.

I want to know why you are willing to give big money the approval to pollute the air that my children (and yours, in case you haven't figured it out) will breathe? If we all held to the old theory that there is strength in numbers, we just might be able to encourage the builders of the plants to do the right thing, either build elsewhere or hold to the standards set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency and build clean-burning plants.


Heck, if they had to build clean-burning plants to get pipelines out of the U.S. therefore eliminating one advantage for building outside the U.S., they might just build on this side of the border, creating more jobs for the U.S. citizens.

This issue is one I realize is very complicated. However some things are very simple. If our supervisors (less Mr. Maruca) don't oppose the pipelines, then they agree with the pipelines. If they agree with the pipelines, then they agree with the poor air quality. If they agree with the poor air quality they must have a good reason, or they better have a good reason as to why they agree.

I will not accept Mr. Kuiper's willingness to place the concerns of those people across the border before the health of his own grandchildren and mine!



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