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EMT program exists at IVC

needs scholarships

November 28, 2001

In reference to the article written Nov. 20 by Kelly Grant with the headline: "Local man donates $52,000 to start EMT program":

I am the instructor for the EMT courses at the college now. It reads that we do not have a program. We do! The problem is that we need scholarships for the students.

There is a difference between a paramedic and an EMT. I know that I went through the EMT program in 1993 and it had been there prior. After being an EMT for one year you can then apply to the paramedic program. I am a graduate of the third class in 1995. While the programs are still in their infancy they have been around awhile.

I am totally grateful for the money, as are the other staff and students. As instructors, we see the hardships that students go through to complete the paramedic program. The paramedic program is approximately one year and the EMT program is one semester.


It is very hard to work while in the paramedic program, because you have to complete 20 days of 24-hour shifts on the ambulance and 15 days of 12-hour shifts in the hospital clinical setting after approximately five months of classroom time.

The students sometimes need financial help.

There also is a shortage of paramedics now in this Valley. It is a thankless job and not high-paying. You do the job because you have to work and you love what you do.

The paramedic program this year lost a student due to financial difficulty and that money would have helped. She would have done well as a paramedic. Hopefully she will come back next year.



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