Thank You: Mosher was a friend of law enforcement

December 01, 2001

I was with saddened heart upon reading of the passing of Samuel Mosher in your article of Oct. 29. I considered Sam a friend and I acknowledge him as a true advocate of law enforcement.

I would feel remiss if I didn't inform the Imperial Valley populace of Sam's assistance in furthering the efforts of law enforcement. While he rose to the occasion on numerous enforcement requests, one such action remains clear in the archives of my mind.

Several years ago a police officer was gunned down by street gang suspects. During the investigation of this horrible incident a witness was located who agreed to testify on behalf of the prosecution. Evidence was presented to the grand jury and the witness' identity was publicly learned. Almost immediately the leaders of a prominent prison gang placed a bounty on this witness.

Of course, the safety of the witness was of utmost urgency, and I contacted the former chief of police of El Centro, Ralph Cordova, who responded immediately with the likes of Sam Mosher. I later informed Sam of the danger involved in assisting us in this matter. His response was his signature smile and comment, "anything to help."


For over a year he unselfishly provided lodging, employment and subsistence for the witness. Subsequently a successful prosecution was sustained, partially because of Sam's action on this matter.

To his wife Ruth, daughter Elizabeth and son Scott, I extend my most profound sympathy, and to Sam I say thank you on behalf of all law enforcement for your dedication and willingness to assist.

Sam, hasta la vista. Vaya con dios.

Your friend and former commander, Imperial County Task Force:


San Diego

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