Voice: Good reasons to oppose Buena Vista subdivision

December 03, 2001

Members of the "Keep Clark Road Country" committee oppose the Buena Vista Park subdivision for the following reasons:

1. The 465-lot Buena Vista Park subdivision would violate the city's general plan objective of "promoting infill and cluster type development (to curtail) unwarranted urbanization in outlying areas …" It would do so by destroying the rural character of the area south of the water plant when vacant areas available for development adjacent to Interstate 8 have not been "infilled."

2. Lot sizes for Buena Vista would be the smallest allowed by city ordinance (smaller than Desert Village) and would, as a consequence, magnify traffic, school and other impacts. If development were authorized in the area proposed, larger lot sizes should be required.

3. Traffic on Clark Road is becoming increasingly congested and dangerous and the city's general plan recognizes it needs to be widened to four lanes. (The general plan also contemplates Imperial Avenue will be extended south to McCabe Road.) Although the draft environmental impact report concedes Buena Vista would generate an additional "4,450 daily trips," the final EIR proposes virtually no meaningful traffic mitigation. Any approval of the project should be conditioned on the widening of Clark (and extension of Imperial) with the developer required to pay proportional costs for such improvements.


4. Although Buena Vista would be located adjacent to the El Centro police firing range and the equestrian center, the draft EIR didn't say a word about either facility. (In the final EIR, the chief of police indicates the range will have to be closed.) Analysis of "cleanup" and relocation costs for the firing range must be completed before any approval is given for Buena Vista.

Impact analysis of the proposed development with reference to the equestrian center also needs to be undertaken.

5. The projected 279 elementary school children who would reside in Buena Vista would cause a 50 percent increase in enrollment at McCabe School, which is already at full capacity. In referencing "developer fees" as the solution for expected school impacts, the EIR ignores findings of a study commissioned by the school district that concludes such fees would be inadequate. Additional analysis concerning the impact this proposed development would have on McCabe School is clearly required before any approval is given!



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