Central chosen as AVID demo site

December 03, 2001|STAFF REPORT

Central Union High School has been selected as a national demonstration school for the Advancement Via Individual Determination program targeting underachieving students for a rigorous program of support to assist them in gaining access to four-year colleges and universities.

The school, which joins more than 50 AVID California Demonstration Schools, was selected through an application process that began last winter.

AVID serves more than 65,000 students at some 1,200 sites in 21 states and 14 foreign countries. Founder and executive director of AVID, Mary Catherine Swanson, notes the significance of attaining demonstration school status.

"Schools chosen as demonstration sites have proven their ability to implement the AVID academic elective course," said Swanson, who began the program in 1980.


"Further, demonstration sites have used the AVID program essentials to bolster their college-going culture significantly and create schoolwide change. Central was selected as a national demonstration site because it has implemented the AVID program throughout the school and can serve as a model for new AVID sites," Swanson said.

AVID national demonstration sites were initiated in 1993 with a $250,000 award from the Charles A. Dana Foundation of New York. As part of the AVID Demonstration Network, sites are expected to develop a model program with schoolwide participation, with AVID methodologies used throughout subject-area classes to improve the performance of all students, but particularly students who are the least likely to attend four-year colleges.

Schools that are preparing to implement the AVID program from throughout the world will visit demonstration sites such as Central to observe a highly evolved AVID program.

Central's principal, Emma Jones, is pleased the school was chosen, noting the impact of the program on staff and students.

"It is a tremendous honor to be selected as a demonstration site, and we are proud of our AVID program and our school as a whole," Jones said.

"AVID is helping the entire school change and is affecting not only AVID students but all students," she added.

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