Dunes doggy found

family delighted

December 04, 2001|By JENNIFER RALTON-SMITH, Staff Writer

On Sunday morning, a La Mesa family that lost its elderly dog in the Imperial Sand Dunes over the Thanksgiving weekend got the phone call they'd been praying for.

Brian Posytan, owner of the 12-year-old German shepherd mix, was in Tucson on business when his wife, home in La Mesa, phoned him with the news that their dog, Chelsea, had been seen in the dunes south of Interstate 8.

A family sightseeing in the dunes Sunday morning noticed Chelsea, obviously lost and far from home, wandering aimlessly.

The family member managed to corral her, just long enough to read the phone number on her address tag. Moments later she broke free and went south — for a second time.

While Posytan was frantically trying to book an earlier return flight to San Diego so he could come back to the dunes to search anew, Calexico Border Patrol Agent Chris Buskey, on patrol in the dunes, managed to "apprehend" Chelsea near the Paradise general store.


"I put her in my truck and immediately drove to the store to buy some food for her. She was very weak and it was obvious her paws were hurting her, but she wolfed down three large cans of dog food," Buskey said Monday.

Buskey had been on duty over Thanksgiving at the sand dunes and had come across Chelsea's family frantically searching for her at that time.

"I recognized her straight away from the Posytans' description … and I'm really pleased I found their dog. It will be a great Christmas present for that whole family," he said.

"I never gave up hope that someone would find her," an elated Posytan said from his Sunday night.

Posytan said he is extremely grateful to everyone who played a part in bringing Chelsea home.

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