Probe: Dec. 5, 2001

December 05, 2001

STUCK ON EVAN HEWES — I live in Holtville and drive to El Centro to work. My complaint is that the signal light at Highway 111 is unfair to east-west traffic on Evan Hewes. The green light burns until traffic as far as the eye can see passes on 111. When it's Evan Hewes' turn, the green turns to red after about five cars cross. It takes five minutes to clear the Calexico to Brawley traffic and Holtville traffic to El Centro gets maybe 30 seconds. That's not fair! — Commuter, Holtville

We agree it's not fair but that's the way it is. We drive that road every day. One day we waited for what seemed an eternity for the green light. We were fourth in line but that day only three cars passed before the light went from red to green.

We vowed to nail the light. For two months we timed it. Although it seemed like a long time, we never spent longer than two minutes waiting. Nevertheless, we're going to time it again because it seems to be taking longer to clear the Calexico to Brawley (and vice versa) crowd.


That means there's a lot more traffic on 111 than Evan Hewes.

UESTION: I left my beeper at Beeper King for repair but when I went back to pick it up the store was closed. Will it reopen? — Banging on the door, Brawley

We have lots of questions about Beeper King.

UESTION: Me, myself and about 100 other people had contracts with Beeper King for paging service. I paid for a year's service in advance.

They just locked their doors in Calexico and El Centro and walked away. You would do us a service if you can find them. Please. — No Beeping Beeper, El Centro

We tried but we ran into a dead end. There may be a legitimate reason Beeper King shut down. It would help if its customers knew why or if the owners would open the doors long enough to allow the customers to pick up equipment left at the stores.

According to Beeper King's fictitious name statement filed with the county clerk, the contact person is Patty Peres and the phone number on file is 768-1987. The number has been disconnected.

The store phone numbers seem to be working numbers but nobody answers their rings. This is another instance in which we have to call on PROBE readers. If you know how we can reach the Beeper King owners, let us know.

CHEAP GAS IN LA QUINTA — I went up to the Coachella Valley on Tuesday with a friend. We needed gasoline so we pulled into La Quinta. Guess what the price was? It was $1.11 a gallon! Unfortunately, we were in his car so he got the bargain! — Gas Price Checker, El Centro

Don't knock it. You got the free ride — and you ruined our day. We filled up Monday at $1.43 a gallon in El Centro. That was 27 cents cheaper than it was the last time we filled up.

Ten cents a gallon means $1.50 when we fill our 15-gallon tank. We calculated we saved about $4 on gasoline Monday. Had we filled up in La Quinta, we would have saved another $5 over our El Centro price.

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