Probe: Dec. 6, 2001

December 06, 2001

QUESTION: I have been checking the newspaper every night to see which players made the volleyball all-star teams in the Imperial Valley League. I have checked online archives but I am still unable to find the lists. Can you help? — Volleyballer, Imperial

You haven't been able to find who made the teams because the team rosters have not been announced, according to Chris Grant, Imperial Valley Press sports editor.

Grant promised that when he gets the names, he will put the lists in the paper.

AND THE CHEAPEST GAS …. — I can beat the price of the $1.11 gas in La Quinta. I bought gas for $1.02 a gallon in Yuma. It was at a station at the corner of Avenue B and 16th Street, just down the street from Pablo's restaurant on Avenue B. I filled up for $11. The last time I filled my tank in El Centro it cost $20. — Gas Checker II, El Centro


Yuma, now you're talking!

QUESTION: I have heard nothing regarding a 30-year reunion of the Central Union High School class of 1972. Have you heard anything? If nobody has begun planning and organizing a reunion, I am willing to take the responsibility. Please send me any information that may be helpful. — Old Grad, Rialto

OK, CUHS class of 1972, you can call Kathleen Lara Holm at (909) 874-3171, e-mail her at, or write her at 1170 W. James St., Rialto, CA.

TV PLUS WRONG (AGAIN) — Your TV guide is wrong for Channel 6 from Los Angeles. My favorite program comes on one hour earlier than the time listed in the guide. I thought that was a mistake that would correct itself but it's been wrong three weeks in a row. — TV viewer, El Centro

As you may have noticed, there are a lot of television channels to keep track of these days.

Don Quinn, who pulls together our TV Plus guide each week, says we depend on the local stations to give us their schedules a week or two in advance.

After we get the listings, we send the schedules to a company in New York to compile the schedule that runs in our television magazine.

Most of the time the local stations are pretty good at putting together their programming plans. However, regularly one or two will make changes at the last minute when it's too late to adjust the guide. Some may fail to adjust their showing times for the semi-annual time changes.

By the way, we are in the process of adding to our TV guide all the local channels recently added to the local cable system.

QUESTION: Why don't you run the schedule for the Mexicali television stations? — Spanish TV fan, Calexico

Quinn says we do not receive program schedules for the local Mexican channels. That's why they are not included in our guide.

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