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Voice: Free speechis one thing, but calling Raider fans wannabes?

December 09, 2001

As a female, Caucasian, blonde, single parent and Imperial Irrigation District employee, I am routinely personally offended by letters and articles in this newspaper. Many, many times I have been compelled to respond to inaccuracies or untruths so often printed on a variety of topics, but instead I have chosen to remember that I live in America where even the misguided have a right to their opinions.

However, I can no longer remain a member of the silent majority after reading the letter regarding wannabe Raiders' fans. I am not a wannabe anything. I know what I am and I'm damn proud of it. Win/lose/or with an opposing team cheating, I love my Raiders.

Although I was just a baby at the time, I have loved the Raiders since Kenny Stabler was quarterback. Next week if Rich Gannon throws 15 interceptions, or Jerry Rice and Tim Brown drop every ball thrown to them, I will still cheer for the men in Black and Silver


I have never jumped off the bandwagon, unlike many fans of a team located just "over the hill." My own beloved brother is going broke paying off bets he's made for his "over-the-hill" team

I'm not a Raider fan in an attempt at making a fashion statement, even though black and silver just happen to be very flattering colors for me. As a further point of clarification, I do not have any tattoos, body-piercings, nor do I own a knife.

Just win, baby.



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