Voice: Hurley's plan for the Salton Sea

December 09, 2001

The goals and objectives of my Salton Sea plan include:

(1) Goals:

— The Salton Sea shall remain a viable body of water.

— Habitat that is displaced shall be replaced.

— The community shoreline area shall be maintained.

— The shallow areas that are eliminated shall be put to the best uses possible.

(2) Principles:

— All inflow shall enter the main body of the sea.

— The surrounds of the inflow areas will provide effective habitat.

— Resolution to the problems of the sea shall be achieved within its confines.


— To the extent possible, the "system" shall be gravity flow oriented.

Importantly, it should be noted that it is the reduction of the inflow to the sea that makes it possible for the "shallow areas to be eliminated" and the "quality of the sea to be improved."


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