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Voice: Doff hats to teachers

December 11, 2001

I sometime wonder if the parents know what happens once their child arrives at school. Remember, they walk into another world. Home is no longer on their mind.

They are a surrounded by other children. They are in a room with 28 to 30 students. They have a set of books. They must listen to a teacher all day. Every day they are improving their minds. They share, they laugh, some cry, some learn to get along with others. They hand in homework. I could go on and on about the experiences they have.

The parent knows that their offspring is in good hands. Yes, once in a while something good wrong but it usually is taken care of immediately.

While mulling over the above, think about the teacher.

Think of the preparation needed to fulfill and relay their knowledge to the students. Think of the different type of learners: slow, average and gifted. The teacher must reach all of these. Imagine 25 to 30 students, sometimes over 30. Think of the 3-R's plus other subjects. Think of correcting papers for all subjects. Think of the teacher who stays after school every day to help some students. Think of the extra duties and the special state testing and preparing them for the tests. I wrote in a previous letter I have seen teachers come to tears. I have seen teachers burn out and leave the profession.


The reader is probably thinking why all this about teachers"? So we heard enough about teachers!

Reader, you will never hear enough about the teacher. Think what the world would be without them. They are the developers of our future citizens.

After all of the above, every year they must negotiate for their pay raise. The administration forgets they too were teachers once. There are many of us who will always take our hats off to the teacher.

Student: Mr. W, can I stay after school?

Teacher: Why do you want to stay?

Student: My mother and father are always fighting.

Need I say more?



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