Voice: Random season thoughts

December 12, 2001

This year I will not keep my promise to not write during the holidays. Here are an assortment of my thoughts.

"This is America, we should all talk American, we should all act American and we should all look American." This from a Calexico resident, too.

The president and the media keep reminding us that it's going to be a long, costly war. It's party time for the munitions companies. Of course, Bush will be needing four more years to get the job done.

Those desert crackers keep going even more hog wild each year. Oh well, it's their God-given right to shoot each other.


During the Vietnam War it was a 4 percent national Hispanic population, not 10 to 12 percent as the Southwest High teacher claimed.

Also if "Americans" voted for the best-qualified "American," then Reynoso over Veysey in 1966 for the Assembly.

I truly wish every one happy and safe season celebrations. If I was a liar, I would be selling used cars, running for public office or pastoring my own church.



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