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Probe: Dec. 13, 2001

December 13, 2001

QUESTION: I applied for a job as a correctional officer at the Imperial County jail. I finished all the paperwork and the Sheriff's Office sent me to San Diego for a lie-detection test. I am assuming they ran the background check at the same time.

I took the test Sept. 7, 2000. Since then I have heard nothing. I expected they would let me know if I got the job or tell me why if I didn't get it. Did I fail the polygraph test?

It had to be the test. I have never been arrested or in any trouble. Can you check this out for me? — No Word, El Centro

Since it's been more than a year, we think you can safely assume you didn't get the job. That doesn't mean you won't get one in the future.


Chief Deputy Jim Burns said applications may be kept on file so they are available when other jobs are open.

Nevertheless, you should have been notified you didn't get the job, he said. He promised to find out why that didn't happen.

Seemingly minor things may rule out an applicant. One woman claimed she learned through the grapevine that she didn't get a job because she had bad credit.

When we inquired, the Sheriff's Office didn't rule it out. Some people think failure to pay bills on time may indicate a character flaw or instability.

QUESTION: I live near Cattle Call Arena. Every day people stroll by my house with their unleashed dogs. They let their dogs use my yard like a latrine. I have small children who play in my front yard. I just cleaned dog poop off the shoe of my 3-year-old and more poop from her toys.

I do my own yard work and I have to grab a bush where dogs have hiked their legs. I am sick of cleaning up the mess left by other people's dogs!

I love dogs but why do people walk them to other people's yards to poop? — Pooped, Brawley

Because they don't want the poop in their own yards. As you point out, dogs have lousy personal habits.

NILAND UPDATE — I have a challenge for your readers and a solution for the woman who lost $500 at Wal-Mart. I will match every dollar (up to $250) donated by PROBE readers plus another $100 for Christmas. It will be good for your readers' characters.

If your readers pull together the money by Dec. 18, I will go a step further. I'll put the arm on the Imperial Irrigation District Board of Directors. Any money I can wring out of those tight-bunned board members she can have. — Generous, Seeley

Our readers have character! So far they have sent three $20 bills. Two readers offered used but good stuffed animals. All we need is another $190. We accept your challenge.

You're right. Giving to others is good for the soul. But let's spread it around. If we collect enough, let's also help the lady who can't pull together $555 to pay the rent. She has $300 but the Imperial Valley Housing Authority says pay it all or hit the road. Hey, it's Christmas!

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