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Voice: Environmentalists should realize earth was created for man

December 13, 2001

Wouldn't it be nice if we could send all environmentalists on the very first spacey-ship to Mars and let the rest of us live on the only known planet God created for man? "and man is over the animals and God trusted man to be His care-takers."

It is just another way the liberal left has found to take freedoms and put one of their camouflaged names to their propaganda, taking land and water from us under the guise of saving a fish, wolf, weed, etc.

How insensate of them to just take human life and livelihood so lightly and belittle those whose lands, jobs, life they take by placing fish, owls, beetles, weeds as more important. Where is their love and compassion for human life? How immune to others' loss and pain and only self-love for what they believe is their good works.

"Pride goes before the fall." They seem incapable to live with others sociably and need help psychologically.


"They love the created more than the Creator," King James version.

Bon voyage to all of them.



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