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Our Opinion: Give what you can

December 14, 2001

It seems like plenty of people are shopping this holiday season for that perfect present for family and friends, many of whom will have a nice holiday. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to have a happy holiday with a feast and presents.

That's why we have charitable organizations such as The Salvation Army. Such organizations exist to help people in need, particularly during the holiday season. You see Salvation Army workers every time you walk in or out of Wal-Mart in El Centro and Calexico; Kmart, Vons and Albertsons in El Centro and sometimes at Vons in Brawley.

They stand there ringing bells and chimes, signaling you to give what you can to help the needy. We urge you to donate to The Salvation Army by slipping what you can into the red kettles next to the workers.

That money helps The Salvation Army provide food baskets to some 400 needy families in our Imperial Valley. The children in those families all get new toys and a holiday they might not otherwise have. The money you drop into the kettles also gives The Salvation Army funds to continue to provide services to needy families into the new year.


It is the easiest thing in our busy and hectic schedules this time of year to become so focused on getting from point "A" to point "B" that we forget the true meaning of the season. It is easy to walk by those bell ringers without taking the time to fumble for whatever loose change we have in our pockets. It is easy to miss an opportunity to help.

Don't miss it. Giving what you can is a way to make the holidays a little better for yourself and a lot better for others. We ask that you do take a moment to stop at those red kettles and do your part.

There are other organizations that can use your help. You can donate food to the Imperial Valley Food Bank, give a toy to the Toys for Tots program — and those are just a couple.

We understand it's not always easy to give. Many of us are just getting by and can barely provide for our families' needs.

Still, we believe most everyone going into Wal-Mart and Kmart and coming out with wonderful presents probably can afford to give a little something. Go ahead and lighten your pockets or dig that change out of your glove compartment. It's going to do needy people in the Valley a great deal of good.

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