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Voice: Raiders' fans say it's all about loyalty

December 15, 2001

My first remembrance of watching football on TV was when I was 10 years, old, living in Salinas, circa 1965. Since my father was a high school football star in L.A., football was followed closely by our one sister and us three brothers. My father never had his favorite team. He had the attitude that if you're good enough to make it to the big one … he then decided who to bet on, whoops, I mean cheer on to win.

As us brothers got older, we found that Raiders football was the get-in-your-face football that our father used to play. In our teens and now in our mature years, we still are and always will be Raider fans. We stayed fans throughout the few sad seasons, the one bad coach, the moves from L.A. and back, but no matter what befalls the Raiders, we are true fans.

Contrary to what Byron Turner thinks, true Raider fans are the ones who have to read or hear about the less than 1 percent who use the Raider mystique not as a genuine fan of the sport. Yes, you have the ones who feel that using the Raider merchandise while committing acts of violence against others makes them look tougher. But that is their own misconstrued rational of believing that Raiders' merchandise strikes fear in the hearts of ordinary people.


Wait a minute, that's what Batman designed his costume for, not for the good guy but for the bad guys.

All NFL merchandise is available to anyone who wishes to buy it. I have seen the news many times of persons being involved in violence and mayhem who are captured wearing Bears, Broncos, Chargers, gear etc. and so forth; oh yes, also wearing hockey and baseball, basketball merchandise. Soon it might be a criminal in a Pokemon jacket that strikes fear in his victim as he or she robs, rapes or kills them. But somewhere down the line it will be claimed that those persons were actually Raiders' fans.

As for Mr. Scott Fullerton, you should be ashamed of yourself for the opinion you sent in. I think you either need to see a counselor (you can probably see one for free there at Southwest) or grow up and quit crying about a team that has more fans here than that other team. I could go on about your opinion, but it is your opinion.

To pop Byron's bubble a little more, correct me if I am wrong: the Raiders are the most successful franchise of any professional sports team. They have the most wins on Monday Night Football They have produced more Hall of Famers than any team since their founding in the old AFL. They are the only team to go from wild-card to the Super Bowl and win it.

By the way, they have won three Super Bowls, just one behind Pittsburgh and San Francisco.

They have records belonging to them for greatest comebacks and wins and had the oldest player in the league lead them to a division title. Many of George Blanda's records still stand. Jim Otto holds the records for most games played by a center, most knee operations and is a Hall of Famer as well. It goes on and on.

So can I ask if anyone here in this Valley if they have ever seen me and my family (three sons, one daughter, all Raider fans) crawl into holes, have tattoos put on or stab anyone lately? I believe in good sportsmanship and the occasional good fun of harassment in what I consider to be one of the best rivalries in the NFL, the Raiders and the Whatyoumacallits over the hill.

If you have seen us do these dastardly acts, please contact Byron or Scott Fullerton. I'm sure they would like the info for the next time they are frustrated about their team. You both are welcome to come over to the house and watch the game. Wear your gear. I will.


El Centro

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