Thank You: El Centro Motors provided great service to snowbird

December 17, 2001

We have been coming to El Centro since 1988 for your winter sunshine. Since 1989 we have spent our winter month at the Vacation Inn R.V. Park. It's like home to a few of us that keep coming back each year. El Centro itself is like our second home. We have met some wonderful people down here who treat us like family.

The real reason for writing this letter is to tell how some of your businesses look after us snowbirds. I had a problem with our motor home, which was built in Canada on a Ford chassis. I was advised to take it to a Ford dealer. El Centro Motors was the closest.

At first when I inquired and explained my problem they said their new policy was no motor home repairs. They don't have the facilities to keep the unit overnight. There was a young man in the service department, Joe, who told me to wait. He talked to his supervisor and in turn the supervisor talked to someone else in higher authority.


The next thing they asked me was when I'd like to bring in the motor home. From that point on, also before, it was the red carpet treatment.

They did everything to ease my worries. The people that I can remember are Joe, Julie, Terry, Jeff and Albert, who got the parts at no cost to me. I thank El Centro Motors for their great service and for having such a wonderful staff looking after your customer.


Kamloops, British



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