PROBE: Dec. 17, 2001

December 17, 2001

JOBS! JOBS! JOBS! — This is for the guy who was waiting for a year to become an Imperial County Sheriff's Office correctional officer.

If you have a high school diploma or a GED, will be 21 by the academy date and no felony convictions, you may qualify as a state correctional officer. The pay and benefits are excellent.

If you have a computer or can go to the library, try a new Web site that's terrific ( It takes you to the California home page, which links to all state agencies, some federal and county offices. Click "labor and employment."

You'll find out how to get a state job, about benefits and pay information. It has other stuff but job hunters will appreciate it.


It also links to online testing, job information and state applications that can be downloaded from the state Personnel Board ( It is very user friendly. — Hacker, email

Thank you. You sent us more but we'll have to save it for later.

SCROOGE CAN CHANGE — Please give the attached $20 to either of the two ladies facing a bleak Christmas. I have a suggestion for the person who found the lost $500 and the boss lady at the Imperial County Housing Authority. Both should rent the movie "Scrooge," watch it and take heed. There's still time to change before Christmas!

As for me, I feel blessed that I am able to help. — Spirit of Christmas, El Centro

That's why it's more blessed to give than receive. We delivered three $20 bills Friday to the young Wal-Mart employee who lost $500 at work. She said when she read in the newspaper that a man would match PROBE reader contributions to replace the money, she cried.

"I am in trouble and people want to help me. It made me cry," she said.

So far we have collected $120 for her. All we need is $130 more by Tuesday.

We have $50 for the woman who needs another $200 to pay the Housing Authority rent.

THOSE RAGING HORMONES — I was outraged a week ago when there was a letter in PROBE about a school secretary and a janitor having an affair. In the past you got a letter regarding a teacher and a social worker having an affair. Those involved in that affair disregarded morals as well as ethics.

Why was this situation ignored? Does your paper cater only to professionals or were there other reasons? — Disappointed Reader, Email

Such letters are not uncommon, nor are passionate flings among co-workers. When an activity becomes common, it loses its news value.

Anyway, it would have been tough to compete with the national tabloid journalism focusing on Monica and Bill, then Gary and Chandra. Besides, we had better things to do.

We ignored the several juicy scandals at the Sheriff's Office, and there were a spate of romances that resulted in divorces in other areas of county government and the Imperial Irrigation District, but never made PROBE although we got letters.

Nevertheless, several heartbroken kids will never get over the destruction of their worlds.

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