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Voice: Send in letters to editor, state your views

December 18, 2001

Get rid of that load on your shoulder.

"Boy, I would like to tell that writer off!" Did you ever feel that way after reading a letter in the Voice of the People? If so, grab a writing instrument and give him or her a piece of your mind. Get it off your shoulder.

Thanks to the Imperial Valley Press and Voice of the People, we can express our feelings and share them with readers. I don't claim to be a writer and I'm sure others feel the same, but sometimes we read letters that just don't set right. We read compliments, we read political thoughts, pleasant and unpleasant letters, informative items and even argumentative topics.

I'm sorry to say there are letters written to hurt people, embarrass people and with a little prejudice in them. We even get letters from out of state that read "way out." Some letters are written by self-made preachers with "fire and brimstone." Whatever is written the writer got it off his shoulder.


As stated above, I am not a writer and I am sure my letters to the editor are corrected and edited (thanks). But anyway, I write down my opinion right or wrong, trying not to hurt people, and mail it in.

Who knows, some of us may be another Bret Kofford? Remember, get the load off of your shoulder.

Citizen 1: Who did you vote for?

Citizen 2: The good-looking guy.

Need I say more.



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